Our Vision

To inspire students at JECRC Foundation to engage in public speaking and cultivate diplomatic skills.

A launching pad

ZHS introduces young students on our campus to debates and diplomacy, fostering hands-on learning experiences.

A precursor to the flagship JECRC MUN

ZHS eases the jitters of direct participation in a national MUN, acting as a comforting buffer.



Zero Hour Summit (ZHS) is a debating competition exclusively tailored for JECRC Foundation students and organized by the esteemed JECRC Model United Nations (MUN) Society. It is a platform meticulously crafted to kindle an interest in debating and cultivate an understanding of contemporary issues vital for navigating today's complex world. The event unfolds with four distinct committees deliberating on equally diverse agendas, each designed to stimulate intellectual discourse and ignite a passion for global affairs among participants. Moreover, ZHS serves as a precursor to the grand JECRC MUN conference held in the subsequent semesters, offering participants a glimpse into the world of diplomacy and fostering holistic personality development. As renowned philosopher and statesman Edmund Burke once said, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." At ZHS, we believe in the power of healthy debate as a cornerstone of progress and enlightenment. Through respectful discourse and the exchange of diverse perspectives, we not only challenge our own beliefs but also foster understanding and empathy.


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