Our Vision

To empower youth through inclusive dialogue for impactful change.

A mesmerizing experience

JECRC MUN takes you out from the world of textbooks and lectures and encourages learning through hands- on experience.

Exchange of ideas

Where minds meet, ideas collide, and diplomacy ignites at the heart of every MUN event



JECRC Model United Nations (MUN) in Jaipur stands as a dynamic platform merging intellect and diplomacy, nurturing tomorrow's leaders. Staying true to the UN's spirit, we facilitate constructive dialogue on diverse, complex issues, fostering responsibility among young adults. Located in Rajasthan's vibrant capital, we hold the distinction of being the largest MUN in the state, with a rich history dating back to its inception. Through our flagship JECRC MUN conference, strategic partnerships, and collaborative efforts, we inspire, challenge, and equip youth with a deeper global understanding. Since our establishment in 2012, we've embarked on a journey of growth, continually elevating our standards and impacting thousands annually. Attendees affirm our MUN's transformative impact, enhancing personal growth over two days of discussion. JECRC MUN is a celebration of ideas and a platform for personal and academic growth, where students refine skills to contribute to a better world. Join us in shaping tomorrow's leaders!


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