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What is MUN?

Have you recently heard about MUN and are curious to know what they are? Then this blog will give you an insight into the fascinating world of MUN. MUN or Model United Nations is the model of United Nations proceedings that help you experience the environment of a UN conference. It simulates various councils replicating the actual conference to make students aware about it. MUN is an extra-curricular activity for students in colleges and high schools. The student represents the country allotted to him/her. He presents the views that resonate with the country’s national and international policies. But, the delegate has to take care not to present personal opinions. This is the spirit of MUN that helps you develop diplomatic skills and open your mind to new outlooks.


Most students interested in political discourse look forward to MUN. Here they get the inspiration to become future leaders. You can take part in various MUN conferences held each year in most parts of the world to gain experience. The delegates are awarded on the basis of their performance in the conference. Best delegate of each council is presented with a gavel. Some other awards may vary from conference to conference. Sometimes, councils other than the ones present in UN are also simulated. This is in coherence with the national political environment. This is beneficial for youth who wants to understand the working of the country’s government. If you have a hunger for change, and want to drive the difference, there is no better way than participating in MUN conferences.

If you are still unsure about the purpose of participation, the key aspect of it is to learn to stand by your voice. You should take part in MUN conferences to achieve a broader perspective on most global and national issues. In national councils that belong to a specific country, students have to represent portfolios of its leaders. The Executive Board members of each council first explain all the rules and then open the discussion. Each student gives detailed speeches about his take on the agenda. The discussion is monitored by the Executive Board as per the norms of the council in actuality. This is how you can dive into the realm of politics and understand everything with valuable experience.

MUN widens your sense on issues of national and international importance. This will train your mind to look at everyday issues with a transformed vision. For beginners, JECRC MUN is the perfect opportunity to kickstart their MUN journey. The experience one gains here is highly invaluable. JECRC MUN holds a strong position in MUN circuits and you avail the benefits. Set out to bring this perfect opportunity to fruition by participating now!

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