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What the college MUN freshman must know?

Model United Nations in college can be challenging for the freshmen. Whether it your first MUN conference or you have achieved a lot in high school MUNs, the experience is different for all. Here are some tips for you to excel at college MUN and earn much more than just experience at these conferences –


1. Start from scratch- You might have a successful MUN career in high school. And could also have a list of accomplishments credited to your name, even then don't flaunt about it. In college you will meet even better delegates with much higher experience and it becomes necessary to stay humble and learn from them. You can begin by gaining respect and building a profile of a learner rather than someone who is reveling in old successes. This would prove to be a successful first step for college MUN.

2. Contribute with your experience- One looks for leadership positions if you have enough experience in college. If you wish to guide the newcomers in the world of MUN, there will be ample of opportunities for you. You can apply for chairing the conferences or helping the organizers. You can also suggest and work on ways for improving the club. This will strengthen your position and give you a better insight about working with the team.

3. Research well- If you are confident and do not fear public speaking, good research can be a cherry on top of the cake. But if your speeches lack facts and figures and have no evident support of actual references, then speaking on top of your voice will not prove to be much effective. College MUN chairs are experienced and figure out when someone is throwing wild guesses confidently.

4. Be less competitive- While competing against fellow delegates is necessary for a debate, a healthy competition persists when you are not trying to pull others down. Improve your tactics and skills instead of making others look less skilled, help them up. This would build a better reputation for you. Also create a positive impression among your fellows.

5. Socialize and branch out- College MUNs are the perfect opportunity to connect with like-minded people who can help you in later stages. Connecting with students from other colleges having different backgrounds can help you in diversifying your knowledge. You can also get opportunities from various fields. You can seek help from your MUN friends for internships, competitions or improving your circuit.

JECRC MUN is perfectly suitable to begin your college MUN journey as a freshman. Here you find opportunities belonging to all levels, as a beginner or an expert. We have the best of everything about MUN for everyone. Hurry up and register now to avail the exclusive benefits of being a college MUN freshman at JECRC MUN conference.

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