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What are the advantages of participating in MUN?

Rather than being a 2-3 day event, MUN conferences are a journey. It is a procedure of learning and evolving. It is not only about winning; but becoming better versions of ourselves. What you can get at an MUN conference can be an experience of a lifetime. It has preparations, debating, enthusiastic peers, and like-minded youth oriented to bring a change in world. All this can cast a magic spell on you. Attending MUN conference will definitely have the following advantages for you –


1. Oratory Skills- Public speaking has two kinds of followers, the ones who are highly confident, or the ones who are terrified. If you are the former, MUN is an opportunity to flaunt and improve them. But if you are one of latter, MUN is the platform which will help you erase this fear. Imbibe qualities of expression and articulation with MUN.

2. Global outlook- The debating environment is hard to find in our regular surroundings. MUN conferences give you an ambience with politically driven minds all having different opinions. Discussing about agendas of national and global importance gives you unforeseen insights which wouldn’t have crossed your mind otherwise.

3. Social Skills- Meeting and interacting with new people from different places enhances socializing abilities. You learn to dwell in various environments and adapt to different mindsets. MUN helps you develop social skills that are needed in our day-to-day lives. Your fellow delegates will open your eyes to a new dimension of the world.

4. Self-awareness- While debating with people well versed with facts and figures of any agenda, you gain a lot of information. Corrections and additions to our own knowledge are a must. And there is no better way than MUN to improve it. You would certainly feel much enlightened about issues which you had no idea about, all in a better light.

5. Diplomacy and leadership- Development of personal attributes is a key focus at all MUN conferences. Diplomatic tactics and leadership skills are nurtured. Here you learn to dive deeper into conversations and defend your line of thought, or correct it. You can only favor what’s in the rules, and this makes you maneuver the discussion in your favor.

6. Experience UN proceedings- United Nations Conference is an experience all aspiring leaders dream of. It is an assembly of the world’s most diplomatic intellectuals. MUN is a simulation of such an environment. Here the stimulus to become better future leaders and create a place for you in the world can be found.

At JECRC MUN, you find all these plus a lot more to add to your list of advantages. We make sure that our delegates take back the most from here, both memories and skills. Leaving no stone unturned, we make JECRC MUN a one of its kind experience for every participant. Do not miss out on this opportunity of availing this long list of advantages. Hurry up and register now!

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